Kevin Çelebi


When people ask me at gigs if I give lessons, I respond "heck yes, I give lessons."  When I was growing up, it was very difficult to find a teacher who would work with me on what I wanted.  Detroit is abundant with classical teachers, but they would all grumble when I wanted help with other stuff, like improvisation, lead playing, and endurance for other situations.  When I take on trumpet students, I realize that each player is unique and needs to travel his/her own unique path to success!

I teach in-person around the Tampa Bay area, especially in Sarasota:

  • Trumpet lessons for all areas and skill levels, including classical and technique foundation, improvisation, ALL jazz styles (not how to imitate Miles...how to grow into your own modern style!), endurance, how to practice, what the best resources are, and whatever else the student is interested in.
  • Jazz improvisation lessons for all instruments and skill levels. Improvisation is traditionally taught as a bombardment of theory, and educators don't realize that this really doesn't work at all.  You could study and practice playing your locrians, dorians, half-whole diminished scales for 8 hours a day and still feel at a loss for something to play on the bandstand.  Improvisation is something you grow into using your own style.  When I work with musicians, I help them sound like them!  I've also got acess to a bunch of great resources for practicing, transcribing, and jamming.

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Workshops, masterclasses, clinics, whatever they're called.  I love giving these and have worked with the following bands:

  • Braden River High School Jazz Band - Bradenton, FL
  • North Port High School Jazz Band - North Port, FL
  • School of the Arts - Rochester, NY (as part of the 2012 Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival)
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis undergraduate combo (taught for one year)
  • Birney Middle School - Southfield, MI
  • Southfield-Lathrup High School - Lathrup Village, MI (these last two were alma maters of mine...the latter closed down for good in 2016 :(

I've got a diverse background in music and education; if you bring me in to work with your ensemble, I promise they'll have a great time and come away with a lot of new ideas and things to practice.

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what about remote lessons?

Teaching online is fantastic, though you naturally lose some of the interactivity from being in the same room.  I've given these on Skype and Facetime, though at a lower cost than in-person lessons for that reason.  One benefit you do gain from a "telematic" session is the use of shared software, such as a digital board for drawing and sharing musical examples, the ability to easily play (for jamming) and record music for later study.  So, again, when the question is "do you teach online?" the answer is "heck yes I do!"  The musical mind is always turning and as a result always provides challenges that the creative spirit wants to tackle.

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